Best time to shoot: The golden hour is one of the best times to shoot since I am a natural light photographer. Please keep in mind I only book session anywhere from an hour to 2.5 hours before the sun sets. Anything else will produce shadows on the face and/or bright backgrounds compared to the subject. If the sun sets at 7pm that day, your session will more than likely be from 6pm to 7pm if it is an hour session. 


When will you get your photos: Portaits take about 3 weeks to post process and be uploaded to a private album via If they will take a little longer I will let you know, this depends on the number of sessions I still have before yours. Your photos are very important to me, so I want to make them perfect and not rush through them for the sake of meeting deadlines. Weddings normally take anywhere from 5-7 weeks. Depending on which package you opt for. 


Make-up: I suggest having your hair and make-up done professionally by one of my make-up artist or someone of your choice. please message me for my vendors. this is very important, MUA knows the right amount of make-up to apply in order to make your photos stand out. you don't take professional photos often, so why not hire a professional to enhance what you already have. everyday make-up is not recommended due to natural and/or artificial light once photos are taken. 

I edit photo color, but to retouch faces (such as make-up), I do charge an extra fee per photo. please email me for more information. 


Session fee: Due the day of the session. Checks or cash. Credit card transactions are subject to a 5% fee. Pay Pal and Venmo also available and encouraged. 



What should I wear: Please view my Pinterest board for some ideas. I'll keep adding to this. I do however, recommend:

-No matching outfits unless you are a twin.

-All white outfits for the whole family does not photograph well in the sun. 

-Tops the same color and shade blend in together and don't make for good photos. 

-Resort style clothing (khakis and white shirts) are too common, let's get away from the norm. 

-DO wear something comfortable and something that expresses "you".

-Boots or closed toe if we are shooting in tall grass.

-A change of just never know. 


**I don't offer any prints but can direct you to a great website to print images. I don't like to limit you on YOUR photos. If my prices seem a little high, please take into consideration that after our session is done, my work is not complete. I have countless hours sometimes weeks, if it's a wedding of post processing. I also deliver your photos on a hi-resolution cd or flash drive (weddings) with beautiful packaging.