Sunday, January 24, 2016

The Digg's Family|Family session

Nothing is better than spending time with family, but what's better than that for me is spending time with them and taking photos of them. So happy to be reunited with my cousin Rathsany. We grew up in Nebraska together and went our separate ways after High School. Now we are both in SoCal and I don't mind keeping their family memories in the form of photos. 

Sara and Family|Family session

Picture perfect family. Look at those boys and their hair. I have to admit when I met them, I was having baby fever for a boy. What a stylish family too. Can't wait to shoot many more family photos in the future for them. My clients are always so gorgeous. They make my job so much easier. 

The Thepmontry Family|Family session

My first winter session commenced with my cousin Lay and his family. It was awesome weather in the middle of November. Luckily, we found a spot with an autumn scene. Taylor was a good baby that day and so was Biscuit, who is the dark beauty in the photos. What a great beginning to my winter sessions. I still can't get over how cute Taylor is. Now only if she will let me hold her for more than a minute.


The Tauanu'u Family|Family Session

Mealina is a co-worker of mine of a year now. When she asked me to take pics for her family I was ecstatic, many months passed and we finally made it happened. Her daughter takes direction so well for a 4 yr old. I was pleasantly surprised, I think she has a future model in her hands. What a dream!

Neang+John|Maternity Session

Baby Aria is on her way. My first session of the 2015 winter session with this beauty Neang and her beau John. I've known Neang since our Atlanta days and now we are both on the West Coast. What a pleasure to shoot such a beautiful person. 

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