Sunday, October 13, 2013

Busy month

I had an extremely busy late August and September. I wasn't able to post each as a blog, so I decided to make one post with photos I liked from each session.
PopFus Photoshoot from May [fashion photography]
Lilly and Joe's pre-wedding shoot in August
Dawn's maternity session late August
Nebraska session's - 6 of them
Kansas session's - 2 of them
And baby Dreysen's newborn photos.
In addition I had two weddings, Toni and Mike's wedding was previously posted. And my uncle Von's wedding in Omaha.
Anusha's hindu wedding taken last weekend.

Wow....and I'm finally almost caught up with the sessions. =) yay me!

Friday, September 27, 2013

Toni+Mike [Rustix Manor|Wedding] Woodstock, GA

End of the summer wedding. Fabulous weather, fabulous wedding with lots of food, DIY decor, and lots of land at this venue. There were so many different sceneries, it was a photographers haven. Also,  with plenty of activities for children and adults,  there was no dull moment at this wedding. Toni wanted to personalize many things. She had coloring books for kids, an open bar, a country bbq for dinner, and a family dance in lieu of a father/daughter and mother/son dance. The band was amazing and got the crowd involved, some even got on stage and sang along! Truly an eventful evening that will be in the books. Karen and the staff at Rustix Manor were just so generous.

There was a memory table for Toni's father and Mike's mother and for Mike's friend who lost his life a few months ago in the line of duty as a fire fighter. The guys all got a matching tattoo in honor of their fellow friend and colleague.

To top it all off, there was a tower of delicious cupcakes with so many different flavors and who can forget the fire pit that grew as the night got darker, full of dancing and definitely lots of singing on the top of everyone's lung. 

Thank you to my 2nd and 3rd shooters. Sohen Grenier and Ella Doyle. You guys ROCK! The whole Wedding ROCKED! Congrats Toni and Mike. 


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